Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Chay Kway Teow used to be a food dish sold by enterprising hawkers to poor coolie workers who lived and worked alongside the Singapore River. Containing cockles, pork lard and bean sprout (all cheaply available), it appeals to coolies as they need huge amount of energy for their backbreaking work. Adding some black sauce for taste, it soon became popular among them for its high energy and cheap price.

Nowadays however, health conscious Singaporean will choose to ignore the merits that the coolies saw in Chay Kway Teow if they want to have a plate of it. The black sauce and pork lard will do a good job in clotting up our arteries today considering that the majority of us do not have to carry sacks of rice from the ship to the riverside for a living and thus is not recommended as a staple food dish.

The taste of Lau Fu Zi Chay Kway Teow lingers in your mouth long after you have consumed it. The stall have won numerous accolades for it and I guess I would not add anymore superlatives on it. Although I felt that standards have dropped a little since the time I ate when I was a secondary school kid, it is still one of the best Chay Kway Teow I have eaten.

On a parting note, the best way to describe it would be likening it to Popeye's Spinach(yup, have that song ringing in your head). Once you eat it, your productivity grows exponentially.

51 Old Airport Road
01-12 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD): 9.5 (10 if it tasted like how it tasted when I was in secondary school)

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