Monday, March 8, 2010

9600 miles from home,what is the best way to lift one's mood ? Good food of course! Philadelphia locals swear that you can only find the authentic cheese steak only in Philadelphia. My other friend insists that the Philly cheesesteak is only authentic with Reese cheese.

At a price of 7.95 USD, the uniqueness of the Philly cheesesteak comes from the heavenly concoction of the meat juice from the beef, the reese cheese as well as the button mushrooms. Somehow, the meat juice, crunchiness of the mushrooms and the cheese strikes a chord with the sweetness of the bun to leave you hungry for another bite. Extremely satisfying!

I have tried a Philly cheesesteak in Virginia with pavlone cheese, does not come close at all. So I guess I have to agree with my friends on the cheesesteak being only authentic in Philadelphia and only with reese cheese.

Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD): 8

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