Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Like many other food dishes in Singapore, Laksa contains the cultural elements of the different ethnic groups in Singapore. For instance, the spices from the Malays and the rice noodles of the Chinese. Perhaps what makes it even more interesting is how this dish adapts to local conditions by having cockles, which is readily available in the waters around the region as one of its main ingredients. What started off as food for the poor has now gained international recognition as one of the food that Singaporeans can identify with as a truly indigenous food dish.

There are many Laksa stalls claiming to be the best, most authentic in Singapore. One variation of the Laksa dish is the Katong laksa. Two of these includes the 328 Katong Laksa and Sungei Road Laksa.

On this sunny afternoon, we decided to try out the famous, talked-about Sungei Road Laksa located in Kelantan Lane, Seng Chuan Eating House (off Jalan Besar). You can easily identify the place because it is just a stone throw away from Sungei Rd second-hand thieves market and there are also a number of shops selling motorbike equipments.

The review of Sungei Road Laksa - The laksa comes in $2, $2.50 and $3. We recommend that you order $3 since you are going to make a trip there to try the Laksa anyway; might as well be a glutton and order a larger portion to maximize your experience and get the bang for the buck. Nevertheless, $2 portion would be sufficient since they are generous in the serving. The laksa gravy is super rich and they are super generous in giving you fishcake slices and cockles (aka, 'harrmm' in Singapore"). You can get to taste the 'hea-bi', aka. 'xia me' aka. shrimps in the gravy as well. As they cut the noodles into smaller stripes, the laksa does not come with your familiar pair of chopsticks. Still, if you are used to eating with chopsticks, we recommend that you add a Meckerel Otah for $1 which actually comes with chopsticks.

In short, this Laksa + Otah (+free parking + cool weather= a day went well) made us happy and satisfied men. It is well worth spending your calories on it!

31 Kelantan Lane
Seng Chuan Eating House

Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD): 7.5

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