Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yong He Eating House 永和豆浆油条大王


Beef Noodles


Guo Tie


Tou Jiang aka Beancurd

For awesome food and 'not so awesome' company, head down to any of the Lorongs in Geylang for a continual feast of senses. I've always known that Geylang was the place to hit if you wanted great supper treats so my expectations for this place was pretty high before I arrived.

Solely on food alone, yes I'd give the Mood Uplifting Determinant a meagre 2, meaning enough to fill my stomach but not enough to wow me. Ambience however did elevate my mood determinant a little.

(And you're probably wondering why- NO I DON'T WORK AS SOME PART TIME TIGER GIRL HOR)

For me I guess it was a step out of the Singaporean mainstream- disorderly, unkempt, unruly, blatant, rude. People live completely different kinds of lifestyles here, speak a different lingo, have different motivations, mindsets. It's another brand of survival instinct. We all live to survive man.

So back to the food, I don't really know how an active sex industry contributes to availability of great food. Beef noodles was alright. The beef itself was pretty tender and succulent, and the soup was tasty too, but the noodles were a bit of a giveaway.

'Guo tie' was also alright. (You must think I'm damn anal now.) I've tried better 'guo ties' around honestly. And since it's not too difficult to find 'guo tie' stalls around, and 'guo ties' are relatively easy to make, I expect all 'guo ties' to have MAXIMUM fillings, veggies, meat and all. Yong He Eating House 'guo ties' were a little bland.

As for tau huay, go to Mr Bean better lah. Nothing spectacular. After a while, all tau huays taste almost the same. For some pretty WOW WOW tau huay, go to Ang Mo Kio hawker centre. There's a stall at the back selling tau huay and chin chow. Standing along that very same row is a famous beef noodle(I think) stall, and another stall selling fried bee hoon and kway teow which is pretty damn good stuff too.

But even after this disappointing trip, I still shall not give up on Geylang! There is loads to eat there and I'm pretty sure at least one of them is good. Meanwhile, your friendly visiting food critic here is signing off. KRISTIE OUT!

- Kristie Neo.

Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD): 2

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