Monday, June 1, 2009

Food can affect the way you go about daily life. We am not talking about health food here where people would go at length telling you about how much carbohydrate intake you should have or whether this food product contains trans-fat or not. No. We are not interested in the food's health content. We are just interested in how well the food can improve our mood.

Since we are both quite hopeless with numbers, we came up with a more qualitative method of assessing how food affects our mood. The Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD) ranges from 0 to 10. Description of the determinant as follows:

0 : Just like the humble chap chai peng (mixed vegetable rice) we find everywhere, a food with a MUD score of 0 is good enough to keep you alive but does not make you any happier or any worst off.

1-3: Mai hiam aye sai (okay if you don't mind). Food with a MUD score of 1-3 gets your stomach filled and set you off for the rest of the day.

4-6: Fills your stomach well and at the same time gives you greater satisfaction. The world seems a brighter place when you consum food with a MUD score of 4-6. Gone are the worries of the day and in comes positive thoughts and gives you much to cheer about for the rest of the day.

7-9: Think of this as the food equivalent of an instant performance enhancing drug. Not too long ago when one of the author of this blog was still serving his National Service, his course mate swore that MosBurger milk tea can make him run faster. Doubt it? Here is the evidence: After consuming MosBurger milk tea the day before the Combat Physical Fitness Test (CPFT), his friend passed the test in a record time. Food with a MUD score of 7-9 are like life's steroids, it increases your productivity and efficiency many fold. Definitely a food you have to try to boost your work rate for the day exponentially.

10: Wow! Shiok! (Add a superlative of your choice) Like love, it is something that is difficult to define but easily felt. You have to taste this yourself to find out. Having food with a MUD score of 10 brings you to 7th heaven and ensures that you are in euphoria for days to come.

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