Monday, June 1, 2009

Eating the right food can make or break a person's day.

Picture this scenario: You just had 2 absolutely mind boggling lectures that you understood nothing; went to the department office to collect your term essay and realized that you have gotten a B- despite spending 3 weeks of time, sweat, blood and tears on it. You get home, expected a sumptuous spread to erase memories of a bad day... But alas! On your dinner table, you see plain porridge with salted egg and salted vegetables for dinner because mum did not feel like cooking...

Under such circumstances, I am sure the thought of getting out of your pigeon hole, climbing to the highest level (to ensure there are no screw-ups in the jump) of your humble HDB block to take the plunge would have crossed your mind...

Many long suffering undergrads have found their own ways to deal with bad days. Some choose to party away at clubs like Zouk and Butter Factory, others choose to immerse themselves in games like DOTA and Counterstrike. The more healthy ones or some would argue, the masochistic ones would choose to run 10km or swim 2km to put the happenings of the day behind them.

For me however, I believe in the power of comfort food, food that can make you happy and keep you going when the going gets tough. Feeling down? bring in the Chay Kway Teows with the extra pork lard and cockles together with a good glass of Sugar Cane Juice(SCJ).
There is no problem food cannot solve. Happy eating people!