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On a nice Saturday night, while the rest of the more happening people of our age are most probably getting themselves dead drunk at a club in town like Butter Factory and helping to promote the spread of the H1N1 virus in the process, we decided to take a drive down to Katong where there is a nice 24 hours Hong Kong Cafe.

In recent years, due to the increased pace of globalization, Singapore's population has become more cosmopolitan
As a result, it might explain the increase numbers of Hong Kong cafes you might witness blooming in your friendly neighbourhood or in town to pander to the needs of the increasingly diverse population in Singapore. With the reputation of Hong Kong as one of the "food" capitals of the world, you cannot go wrong by leveraging on the reputation of "indigenous" food from Hong Kong.

We ordered a cup of milk tea, a French toast and a bowl of instant noodled in curry sauce with sausages and beef tendon. Before reviewing our meal proper, a side note to this meal is that a meal like this in Hong Kong would probably cost you 25 HKD or around 5 SGD in an authentic Char Chan Teng (Coffeeshop). Paying 12 SGD for this meal in Singapore is more than anything else, paying for the novelty of these dishes rather than its actual worth. Nevertheless, it is good to have such diversity of choice in Singapore when it comes to food even if one has to pay more.

The milk tea was as authentic as it could get as you had to add the sugar (contained in those metallic containers)by yourself and it sure tasted like how I remembered it to be when I was in Hong Kong. Full marks for the milk tea's authenticity even though I am more fond of our humble teh tarik.

Having never tried curry noodles in Hong Kong before, I would not be able to gauge its authenticity. However, taste wise, it would satisfy your hunger but not necessarily perk you up.

The highlight of the night was the French toast with butter and marmalade syrup. The toast was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Together with the butter and marmalade syrup, the French toast formed a perfect blend with its condiments. A dish that is definitely worth trying!

Perhaps what really made our day was the ambience of the cafe in which we could feel that we were welcomed to sit down, order some snacks, enjoy the food, the night and a fair amount of quality conversation. The waitress served us promptly without showing her annoyance at our presence till almost 4am in the morning. Hence, the Hong Kong cafe at Katong village would be a place we would recommend if you prefer an alternative entertainment to clubbing on a Saturday.

Price of meal: 12 SGD
Price of petrol: not more than 15 SGD?

A meaningful discussion about life: Priceless

86 East Coast Road #01-09/10 Katong Village S(428788) Tel: 63451932

Mood Uplifting Determinant (MUD): 8 (for the milk tea's authenticity and the quality of the French toast. Can give the curry noodles a miss)

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